Call for paper

Call for paper

New opportunities and challenges for qualitative research.

Today the demand for health promotion and well being is increasing, with new interest at the cultural and political levels. The involvement of patients in the construction of suitable interventions is a key element in the development of a response to this demand.

Such participation in the health promotion process is a key opportunity because it may:

• improve relationships among healthcare providers and patients

• provide new information that could help overcome compliance problems

• aid in organizational functioning of healthcare services

• foster the ongoing integration of key beliefs and values about health in health policies

Qualitative research has provided an important vehicle for more direct involvement of patients in the production of knowledge and insights able to orient healthcare interventions. But today even stronger links are needed. This implies the need to interlace the logics of single actors with those of groups and social networks. Engaging people in this way could provide a testing ground and a reference paradigm for the verifying the ability of qualitative researchers to answer the new challenges that health promotion is opening.

The question now is: How can we best use the multiple theoretical and methodological resources of qualitative research to facilitate the active involvement of individuals as co-constructors of their health?

Contributes in line with the following topics are welcome:

  • enhancing patient care&cure experience (patient education, patient empowerment, well being promotion, quality of life issues, illness experience... );
  • improving relationships among healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers (health communication and promotion, patient-provider alliance, shared decision making, knowledge transfer and construction...);
  • fostering organizational functioning of healthcare services (users' experience, work environment, professional skills development...);
  • promoting good practices in health policy (healthcare system, quality of care, continuity of care, health prevention...);
  • valuing the role of traditional and innovative (e.g.: internet and medicine 2.0, art-based research...) qualitative research methods in health care;


The 2° GCQHR we welcome the participation of academics and practitioners, belonging to different disciplines (nursing, medicine, psychology, sociology, public health, social work, OT, physical therapy community health) interested in helping to answer this question. The congress will provide an opportunity to share experiences that have matured in the field as well as new methodological insights.


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Important dates:

  • Dead-line for submission of abstracts: March, 5th 2012
  • Communication of acceptance: End of March 2012
  • Early bird registration ends:  April, 14th 2012