International Conference

Innovating Food, Innovating the Law

An interdisciplinary approach to the challanges of the agro-food sector

The term innovation has been widely used to refer to the economic and social implications triggered by science and technology. However, little attention has been paid "legal innovation," namely innovation of legal concepts, constructs, and processes, both of "hard" and ‘soft law.’ The agro-food sector represents a strategic domain for innovation in the legal field. In fact, if agriculture, food production and distribution are rooted in the
history of humankind, they have been radically reshaped jointly by technoscience, policy, and the law.
The Conference will provide an overview of three major areas of interest. The first one deals with the impact of information and access to knowledge on new rights in the agro-food sector. The second concerns different legal cultures and standards of safety in a globalized world. The third aims to explore new regulatory approaches to promoting and rewarding innovation in the agro-food sector.


"Cabbage, shot 3" [Caterina Saban] Caterina Saban, 
"Cabbage, shot 3"
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