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Are you a student, PhD student, or postdoctoral researcher?

The ICAR7 Committee encourages you to submit your poster in order to apply for the Young Researcher Best Poster Award.

Please consider that you have to be the first author of the submitted poster.

In case you want to apply, flag the relevant checkbox while completing the ExOrdo submission process.

You can participate in the Young Researcher Best Poster Award by indicating only one poster where you are mentioned as first author.

During the ICAR7 conference, posters will be evaluated by participants of the ICAR7 in terms of originality and quality of research, clarity of poster and appearance quality.

Winners will be announced during the ICAR7 conference and will receive the award certificate.

The original article based on their winning poster will be also considered for publication in the Special Issue of Adoption Quarterly.

If you have any question about the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Below are the general rules for proponents:


1. Authors

Information includes name, affiliation, and email address of all co-authors. When submitting the abstract, you have to choose one corresponding author and one (or max two) presenting author(s). Each presenting author may only make a maximum of two presentations! If you have more presentations, you can be the presenting author only for 2 presentations.


2. Abstracts

Abstracts cannot exceed 250 words, must be submitted in English, and have to include the following information: title, introduction, aims, method, results, discussion, and implications. A reference list is not required.


3. Formats and topics

Abstracts should fall under one of the following three formats:

a. Oral presentation: to be presented in a maximum of 15 minutes in thematic sessions of 4 to 5 presentations.

b. Poster: to be presented in thematic groups, in order to promote interaction among participants. Authors are expected to be at their poster for questions and discussion during a scheduled time in the program. The required poster size is 70 cm (width) x 100 cm (height).

c. Symposium: a 90-minute session consisting of a brief presentation by the chair(s) and 4 or 5 oral presentations on a common topic of particular relevance to the Conference. Authors must come from different research groups and universities (no more than two from the same university). It is recommended that a discussant is present to help moderate questions and lead the discussion. Each paper is allowed 15 minutes. At least 15 minutes should be allowed for general discussion. Submissions for a Symposium should be made by one of the chairs in the “Symposium” format in the Ex Ordo system, and include a title, a 250-word abstract outlining the common elements of the papers. Furthermore, each presentation must be submitted by one author in the “Oral presentation” format in the Ex Ordo system, and include the title of the symposium first, a dash, and then the title of the presentation and the abstract.

d. Blitz presentations: blitz presentations are short 10-minute presentation in which authors present around 5 slides in front of a seated audience. All blitz presentations will be organized in thematic sessions. At the end there will be time for questions and discussion. Further instructions regarding this procedure will be sent to you before the conference.


The system will ask to select the main topics of the abstract  within a given list:

- Family relationships

- Cognitive and language development

- School and learning

- Peer relationships

- Attachment

- Identity

- Search of origins

- Adulthood

- Adolescence

- Mental health

- Transracial adoption

- Discrimination and micro-aggressions

- Clinical intervention

- Pre- and post-adoption interventions

- Open adoption

- Traingin for professionals

- Chid welfare and social policies

- Family foster care and residential child care






4. Important Information


The deadline for abstract submission is 15th January 2020 at 12 pm (Italian local time). Abstracts submitted after this date will not be considered. The abstract for the 7th International Conference on Adoption Research must be submitted through the Ex Ordo system at https://icar7.exordo.com

You will be required to setup an account first.

All proposals will be subjected to a peer-review process and are expected to meet the standards of scientific excellence. The review criteria are: content, relevance, and originality.

Corresponding authors will be notified by email of abstract acceptance or rejection and the format of presentation no later than 16th March 2020.

All presenting authors whose abstract has been accepted are required to register for the Conference no later than 16th May 2020. Failure to register will result in the abstract being excluded from the Conference program.

The scientific committee reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the format of accepted abstracts.




We are partnering with Adoption Quarterly to release a special issue with papers from ICAR7 in 2021. Abstracts that are selected will be invited to submit a full length paper in APA format (7,000 word limit) for possible inclusion in the special issue.  All submissions will undergo a double-blind peer review process.


Please note that the submission format requires to select if you would like ICAR7 scientific committee to consider your abstract for this special issue.